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July 20th update: Union Officials Sing A Different Tune

Members and Press pressure make a difference

Monday, July 20. 2009 - Put another one in the win column for KUSI's Michael Turko tonight. Turko says a local union that refused to honor a member's death benefits is finally backing down.

Here's a guy who was a proud member of Operating Engineers Local Twelve for over fifty years. But when he died back in may, the union refused to pay his death benefits. His family says they wouldn't even pay for his funeral, and union officials wouldn't talk about it with KUSI's Turko Files. But now they're singing a different tune, they've finally agreed to do the right thing and pay up!




If your a long time IUOE member dont get Alzheimers

I always thought the IUOE was a brotherhood, my mistake.

Here's a guy who believed in labor unions his entire life, he was a card carrying member of Operating Engineers Local 12 since the middle of the last century. This member was suffering from Alzheimer's and other ailments, but when he passed away three weeks ago, the IUOE and local union leaders turned their back on him and his family. And now they're refusing to pay for his funeral, all because of a fifty dollar mistake!

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